three hundred postcards and one wish

This morning, I wrote the 300th postcard in my postcard project. While it is far short of my 1000-by-August goal, this milestone means something much more important: I haven’t given up on the goals of my postcard project. Sure, I’ve took a break in the fall when life got hectic, but it didn’t take me long to return back to writing. Between postcards, greeting cards and letters, I have sent hundreds of pieces of mail since August. The sad truth is that I’ve sent more personal mail in the past eight months than my peers will probably send in their lifetime. Personal mail is a dying art.

This morning, I received the most unique and wonderful Postcrossing postcard assignment! I will one day write a post dedicated to the site, but if you don’t know how Postcrossing works, here’s a quick introduction:

1. Sign up for the site. It’s free and takes minutes. That sounded like an advertisement, but if you’re interested in receiving postcards, you should sign up.

2. Opt to send a postcard. This will give you a postcard assignment for a user somewhere in the world. You will be assigned a unique number to write on your postcard which will allow the recipient to register it when it arrives.

3. When a postcard that you send arrives, the recipient registers the postcard. This adds your name to the list of upcoming recipients, and you will receive a postcard from someone else, somewhere in the world.

This is the assignment that I received today:


You just received a magic postcard ID.
Once you send this card – you will become one step closer to your dream. So pick up any card you find cute/funny/interesting/surprising, put the best stamp you could find and hurry up – write your wish on it and send it to me! I am a magician, so by the time a postman drops it in my mailbox your dream will come true.
There is only three conditions:
1 – your dream should not harm anyone
2 – you should really, really, really wish for it most of all!
3- why don’t you wish something nice to Magician too -it will charge his magic powers!

If you just have registered a card received from this account, be sure this card will bring good luck with your wishes, too!

But remember – be careful what you wish for, dreams tend to come true!

Your Wish Maker.”

I have stamped and addressed the postcard, but I haven’t written a message on it yet. Whenever I send mail, I always write the address out and stamp it before I write the message. I have no idea why. I picked this storyboard artwork postcard from the Art of Toy Story collection. I think that this postcard is fun. There are plenty of great postcards in that set, but this one was the right one for the Wish Maker. He lives in Poland, in case you were curious. I haven’t decided what to write yet, though, but I want it to be grand. What to write, what to write… What would you wish for if you only had one wish?


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One response to “three hundred postcards and one wish

  1. randomwithjenn

    World Peace!
    just kidding, probably something along the lines of a new Louis, but hey thats just me 🙂

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