you’ve got mail

This past week was a benchmark week for my postcard project! Although I was receiving a reply postcard every handful of days or so, I wasn’t receiving mail regularly. My mom used to always say that you have to send mail in order to receive it, so I knew that if I kept at sending postcards and greeting cards, they’d one day start arriving regularly in my PO Box. What made this weekend special is that I received mail each day. Not only did I receive three postcards on Monday, I received mail every other weekday, too!

The weather was nice, and I walked to the post office every afternoon during the week. My work schedule this week allowed me to do so, and there’s no better way to make a day better than to go for a walk in the sun. I regretted leaving the apartment on Thursday when the temperature dipped down, but it’s not too far of a walk even when the temperatures are frosty. According to Google Maps, the walk takes 15 minutes each way, in case you were wondering. If you bundle up, the walk is fine despite the colder temperatures.

I think that it’s unlucky for me to visit the post office without bringing mail to send. I don’t know what it is, but it feels like I’m asking for no mail to be waiting for me if I arrive at the post office empty handed. If I feel like visiting the post office, I always ensure I come with at least one piece of mail, even if it’s just a quick card to a friend. Since I started writing mail for “Any Canadian Forces Member,” it is not hard to have something to send. Since I wrote my last blog post, it’s been getting easy to write to Canadian Forces members. It took a handful of cards to get the hang of it, but I’m really enjoying writing them now!

I do receive mail from all over the world! I’m thrilled each time I open my PO Box to find mail. This week’s mail included postcards from as close as Calgary and New York and as far away as Finland and the Ukraine. The postcard that I received from Calgary was special because it was from Glenn Moores who writes his own wonderful postcard blog: Gem’s World Postcards. I’ve started reading through the posts, and I love the content that he provides. He likes to collect stamps, and his goal is to receive mail from every stamp issuing entity in the world. Glenn has real dedication to his own postcard project, and I hope that I can grow my postcard adventures to the scale that he has grown his.

The bad news this week is that I am nearly out of postcards! I ordered three boxes of postcards from Amazon about two weeks ago, but shipping to Canada takes a significant amount of time. My order hasn’t shipped yet, and it’s not estimated to arrive until mid-March. The good news is that I recently discovered that Canada Post sells postage paid postcards at a wonderful price. The postcards cost $1.89 and have international prepaid postage. It costs $1.80 for an international stamp to begin with, so the postcards really only cost $0.09, which is a great. I purchase postcards from Amazon for about $0.13-$0.17 each, but they can cost up to $1.00 if I purchase them in Edmonton. I send over 20 pieces of mail each week, and the costs can add up quick. Sending mail is not a cheap hobby, and although I love it, I do want to keep the costs as low as possible. I’ll be checking out these prepaid postcards at the post office tomorrow and will be buying a handful to stock up until my Amazon shipment arrives.

Once again, I am out of addresses to send mail to. It is hard to find addresses to send mail to. If you haven’t requested a postcard from me, what are you waiting for? Just email me your mailing address, and I will send you a postcard!


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