mail for any Canadian Forces member

This evening, I received two Postcrossing postcards! I don’t receive reply postcards often, and it’s a nice treat to check my PO Box to find mail. Between Postcrossing and /r/RedditPost, there has been a postcard waiting for me every time I’ve been to the post office this week. It’s such a nice treat to receive personal mail.

I’ve decided to start sending mail to the Canadian Armed Forces. I’m not sure where I got the idea from, but I think that it’s something that kids do in grade school and think that it’s a nice gesture as an adult. My mom used to send mail to troops once upon a time or wrote an editorial about it once. I ran out of addresses, again, this weekend, and it seemed like the perfect time to start writing mail to Canadian Forces members.

When I first started sending postcards in August, I had no idea what to write. If I was sending mail to a friend, it was easy because I’d just write something as if I were sending a quick catch-up email. The majority of the addresses I received were from total strangers, though, and I’d often just stare at the postcard for minutes thinking about what to write. It was an excellent writing exercise. After months of postcard writing, it’s easy for me to send postcards to strangers. It’s like a routine, and I have no problems just writing to people who request postcards or to people on Postcrossing.

Writing to the Canadian Forces tonight reminded me so much of when I first started my postcard project. I had no idea what to write on any of the cards and felt like a total dork. What do you write to someone who’s living in a foreign country in potentially dangerous situations to represent Canada on your behalf? Do they care about the weather in Edmonton or what I ate for breakfast? It wasn’t an easy task. I wrote each postcard to a different Operation and country, and I wrote six postcards total. I don’t know if they’ll be liked or well received, but I’d like to start sending more anonymous mail to Canadian Forces members working in foreign countries. It seems like simple way to make someone’s day a bit better.

If you’re Canadian and would like to send mail to the Canadian Forces, you can find the information here for mail to “Any Canadian Forces Member.”

If you’re American and would like to send mail to your troops, you can find more information at A Million Thanks and Books for Soldiers.

If you’re from neither Canada nor the US, Google is just one click away.


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